But first, what the heck is coworking, anyway??


We did not invent the concept of the coworking environment.

Instead, we stepped into the exciting stream of it’s evolution and unleashed our business and creative intuition to carefully craft a world class dynamic setting to enable our members and community to thrive.

We can’t wait to see what you create here.

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co|LAB Goshen offers a paradox of top business class facilities and technology to ensure your productivity, and whimsical charm to feed your soul and inspire creativity.

The elements of our design… 


Mood Music, and mood spaces…..

Work best in a casual lounge with your feet on a coffee table? At a writing desk in a community room? Sitting around a table to brainstorm a project with your collaborators? Tucked around a corner at a secluded counter? Or in total isolation to spread out with zero distractions? Conference room? Seminar room? Craft room? Or does it totally depend on your project and your mood? Like it all? Us too. So, no need to choose. We got that.

I love tech.jpg

our Purposeful Paradox….

We are like little kids waiting for the latest tech to come out, and will offer the highest available fiber optic connectivity, smart technology and cloud based management platforms. But we also love the nostalgia and character of vintage and slow contemplative elements. Can you imagine blazing through a project on your lap top while sitting at our koi pond garden, then stepping inside to type a super personalized referral thank you note on craft pressed card stock with our 1930’s typewriter? Finish it off with a genuine wax seal (gasp!)? We can imagine that. Like, vividly.

heavy bag.jpg

The Pressure Valve…

No, not a GYM gym…but if you need to clear your head to let the inspiration and creativity flow, just hop on an exercise bike, work out on our multi gym, play some ping pong (the game of men!), practice putting, or punch a bag! We got the stuff to help you let off some steam and get back to the grind!


The Roastery…

It’s all about the caffeine of course. But it’s not really the caffeine… It’s more the ritual. The slowing down. Communion and savor. Our complimentary gourmet coffee bar offers the quick convenience of an instant push button cuppa, a more gourmet pour over or french press, or even the laboratory level fun of a pretentious siphon brew coffee. But however you like it, expect on premises roasted and fresh ground. It matters. A lot.

We take our coffee seriously.


The details matter….

Can you imagine enjoying a quiet cup of strong loose tea, sweetened by raw honey harvested at our very own on site honey bee hive??? Oh, and they are fascinating little guys to watch do their thing (but don’t worry, they’re tucked out of the way in the back of the building, and they’ll be told not to bother you).

Ok, honestly, the best part about having the hive is the endless supply of ridiculous puns we’ll be able to use as a metaphor for collaboration and coworking!!! How sweeeeet it is!!! (see, it’s already started….and I’m not gonna apologize…)